System Settings

This menu is used to interact with the system. On this menu you can change specific Auto Forward Messages options which can impact performance and stability.
To reach this first you will need to type /settings on Auto Forward Telegram BOT. Now click on System Settings so you can access the setup settings
Options Explained
  • START: All your forwarding tasks will be start and restart all
  • STOP: All your forwarding tasks will be stopped all
  • DISCONNECT ACCOUNT(No Recommend): This action will remove your account from Auto Forward Messages bot, all data about you such as membership packages, tasks, blacklists, whitelists, replaces ...etc. will be permanently deleted from our database.
  • Boost Performance: This option increases Auto Forward Performance
    • The reason this option is OFF (🚫) by default is because using it will cause BOT to forward messages out of order.
    • If you do not care about message order, turning this setting ON (✅) will increase performance by a big margin.