Blacklist: Create And Management

You can set a list of words or regex patterns which tells the bot that if the message received from source channel has any of the blacklisted words or regex pattern match the bot should ignore that message and do not process it even if it passes all other conditions.
Important Information
  • Using Simple Syntax will match words partially. This means that when you blacklist the word "es", it will block every message containing best, rest, test because each of them have the word "es" within.
  • If you want to match words fully, please use the regex example
  • Make sure to use the Python Flavor with regex101.com otherwise your regex will not work on Auto Forward Telegram

⛳️ Create new blacklist

Example basic
Example Use Regex

1. Basic Command

/blacklist [ACTION] [LABEL] [WORD_LIST]

2. Blacklist use USER_ID or USER_NAME Command ( Only Platinum)

/blacklist [ACTION] [LABEL]_user [USER_ID,USER_NAME]
  • Set Label Name must have a suffix is _user
  • You can add multiple whitelists separated by ,
Example: You want whitelist User have username is https://t.me/zinREAL, https://t.me/mark and User have id is 410995490
/blacklist add group1_user zinREAL,410995490,mark

3. Advanced Command with regex ( Only Platinum)

/blacklist [ACTION] [LABEL]_regex [WORD_LIST]
Command Information
  • ACTION is add or remove
  • LABEL is the nickname you want to define for your Blacklist.
  • Do not use number for LABEL.
  • To create Blacklist advance with regex please add LABEL suffix is _regex
  • WORD_LIST is list word you want use as whitelist. Check Tab Example
➡️ This will not send all messages containing the word copyright /blacklist add black1 copyright
➡️ This will not send all messages containing the word copyright or DMCA /blacklist add black1 copyright,DMCA
➡️ Remove word list with label black1 /blacklist remove black1
➡️ Show all list Blacklist /blacklist showall
🛑 Note: Blacklist takes precedence over whitelist if both are defined.
Use the syntax as shown below when you want to achive result that is not possible with the simple syntax. This syntax uses regex to search for words and its more powerful than Simple Syntax.
We do not support usage of regex, you are on your own if you decide to use regex. Only use it if you know what you are doing.
➡️ Block messages only if it has the any @mention word on it. /blacklist add black1_regex @\S+
➡️ Block messages only if it has any "telegram links" /blacklist add black2_regex (telegram.me|t.me)/\w+
➡️ Block messages only if it has the word black or white
/blacklist add black3_regex (black|white)
  • black and white : The words black and white are two words you want block if have one or both
  • In case you want to block more, you can add more |red|blue in regex
➡️ Block messages only if it has the word es fully ( refer to Important Information )
/blacklist add black4_regex \bes\b
➡️ Block messages only if it has the word word1 and word2 fully (refer to Important Information) /blacklist add black5_regex ^(?=.\bwork1\b)(?=.\bwork2\b).*$
  • work1 and work2 : The words work1 and work2 are two words you want to block if have both in the content
  • In case you want to match more, you can add more (?=.\bwork3\b)(?=.\bwork4\b) in regex
* When add blacklist is ^(?=.\bwork1\b)(?=.\bwork2\b).*$ it will only block messages have contain work1 and work2 like:
"I have work1 to do and work2 as well."
"work1 and work2 are both important."
"work2 is harder than work1."
* Will continue forward if not have both work1 and work2 or only have work1 or work2 like:
"Only work1 is left."
"work2 is complete"
"Nothing to do here."

✅ Apply/Deactivate Blacklist for a Task

1. From Auto Forward Messages BOT Choose Task you want Apply
2. Select 🔐 Advanced Configuration from Menu Setting
3. Select Blacklist from Menu Advanced Configuration to show list Blacklist
4. Click a your Blacklist you want to Activate or Deactivate for Task
Describe Status
🚫 is status Deactivated
is status Activated
Apply Blacklist For Task

✅ Apply/Disable Blacklist for All Task

When Apply All Blacklist for Task will won't activate for each single task
Use Command /blacklist after select Show All Blacklist
Create new blacklist