How to get manual channel, group, user ID?

To be able to find the id you must be a previous participant in channel, group or one of the conversation.

Get manual channel, group, user ID

  1. Goto channel, group or conversation you want get id

  2. Click right mouse a message in channel, group or conversation

  1. Select Forward to and find bot @GetDetail_Bot
  1. Forward message Chosen to bot

  2. At here will have all info of channel, group or conversation

  1. Copy Origin Chat ID is -1001447685810 and remove -100. ID FINAL is 1447685810.

  2. Copy it to App Autoforward Telegram

Get manual Topic ID

  1. Goto group have Topics

  2. Click right click select Copy Post Link from Message

  3. We will receive link same like ""

  4. Copy Topic_ID is path near the end, corresponding = 2

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