[Mobile App] Replace: Create And Management

Open Replace Screen

  • Login Account and open to Home AutoForward
Home Menu
  • At Home Menu select item Replace to open Replace Screen

Create New Replace

Step1. At Replace Screen click icon add on top right to create new Replace
Step2. At Replace Create enter the parameters to create
(*) : Required fill
Optional: can skip
  • Label(*): is the nickname you want to define for your Replace. if use regex please select Basic -> Regex
  • Full Content Original(Optional): Is your content before replacing. You may skip it.
  • Original Words(*): is the word or phrase you want to replace. If using regex, enter the syntax here
  • New Words Replace(*): is the word or phrase you will to replace.
  • Apply For Task(Optional): If you have created a task before, you can choose to apply it now or skip it and do it later
  • Once you have filled in the information, click Create Replace to complete

* Label Option

  • Basic : Use content is text basic
  • Regex: Use content is regex
  • Remove Line: This feature is used to remove lines from the message. You will use keywords to check message lines and if a keyword or one of the keywords (if multiple) is found on the line, AutoForward will remove that line from the final result.

Management and apply for Task

Step 1. Open Replaces Screen
Step 2. At Replace Screen click item Replace you want apply. A popup will show
Step 3. Click Activate/Deactivate For Task to show list Task will apply or deactivate
Final click Task you want apply or deactivate to Done