Auto Forward Messages has a free version ?

Once your Auto Forward Telegram period expires, the free package will become available as an option for you to choose.
Example about show option Free Plan
With @Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot you can use it for free or pay if you want.

Here are the features available in the Free Package:

✅ Sponsored Ads
✅ Limit create 5 Forward Tasks
One forward Tasks means that you create an auto forward from Channels/Grousp/Users to Your Channels/Groups/Users
✅ Each Forward Task limit 5 IDs include SOURCE_CHAT_ID and TARGET_CHAT_ID
Limit IDs mean is when create a task forward only can enter limit 5 Channels/Groups/Users ID will auto forward
/forward add work1 ID1,ID2,ID3 -> ID4,ID5
ID is is taken from Channels/Groups/Users
✅ Unlimited messages sent in forwarding missions
✅ ON/OFF Show Forward Header
✅ Free until death
🟡 Use low configuration server
🟡 Often overloaded and lost connection
🚫 Can't forward to Bots
🚫 Can't edit, delete, reply message same source chat
🚫 Can't use premium feature
❇️ Recommendation: For best performance and uninterrupted work use premium plans
If you want more advanced features, use the /upgrade command to view package details.
If you have any questions, let me know.