How To Setup New Task Auto Forward

⛳️ Create New Task

Use the following syntax for adding channels/users/bots: /forward add [LABEL] [SOURCE_CHAT_ID] -> [TARGET_CHAT_ID]
Command other
/forward remove [LABEL]
/forward start [LABEL]
/forward stop [LABEL]
One to One /forward add work1 22222 -> 66666 Many to One /forward add work1 22222,33333 -> 66666 One to Many /forward add work1 22222 -> 66666,77777 Many to Many /forward add work1 22222,33333 -> 66666,77777 =============== Remove task with label work1 in list /forward remove work1 Start task with label work1 in list /forward start work1 Stop task with label work1 in list /forward stop work1
Set delay 30 seconds to each message with label work1 /forward delay work1 30
Set maximum time limit to receive message edit event from SOURCE_ID is 30 seconds with label work1 /forward max_time_edit work1 30
Restart all process if any error /forward restart Show all list task /forward task
Command Information
  • SOURCE_CHAT_ID and TARGET_CHAT_IDget from command /getchanel or /getgroup or /getuser
  • You can only use source and target id's you find via /getchanel or /getgroup or /getuser
  • LABEL is the nickname you want to define for your Task. This variable is used setup later on every Auto Forward Telegram BOT command.
  • Do not use number id you give from /getchanel or /getgroup or /getuser for LABEL.
Use it as CHAT_ID or TARGET_ID
Video create a new Task

🛠 Management Task (Settings, Delete, Edit)

Use Command /forward then select Show All
Manage Task