Auto Post Scheduler

This is a feature help you schedule auto post on Auto Forward

Follow these steps

  1. Type /settings on Auto Forward Telegram BOT.

  2. Click Manage Forwarding Task to show list your Task

  3. Select task you want set auto post scheduler

  4. Next click Advanced Configuration to can access the setup task forward

  5. Finally select set auto post scheduler

Example: Task task_fw_news so you can access the task setup settings.

Step 3. Select feature Auto Post Scheduler and click Set Time next enter time you want set auto post the following syntax. Example:

If you want to automatically post the latest article from SOURCE_CHAT every hour then you will enter 60 or every 5 minutes you will entry 5

✅ Congratulations, BOT will schedule the latest post


From Auto Post Scheduler Setup Main select Delete this after select confirm Sure, delete it


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