Scheduler Power On/Off

This is a feature help you schedule turn on/off task on Auto Forward

Follow these steps

  1. Type /settings on Auto Forward Telegram BOT.

  2. Click Manage Forwarding Task to show list your Task.

  3. Select task you want set scheduler.

  4. Next click Advanced Configuration to can access the setup task forward.

  5. Finally select set scheduler

Example: Task task_fw_news so you can access the task setup settings.

Step 3. Select feature Scheduler Power On/Off and click Set time next enter time you want set turn on/off the following syntax. Example

07:00 - 20:30

After running the above action you will be asked to input the time that you want work1 to turn on and off your setups. Here are a few example syntax on how to do this.

Start at 12:30 and Stop at 2:30

12:30 - 2:30

Start at 09:00 and Stop at 21:00

9:00 - 21:00


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