You can set a list of words or regex patterns which tells the bot that if the message received from source channel has any of the replace words or regex pattern match the bot should replace that message with the word you want to change.
This feature will not work if you enable "Show Forward Headers" in task list

⛳️ Create new Replace

Syntax Example (Simple)
Syntax Example (Advanced)
➡️ Command Arguments /replace ACTION LABEL Original_WORD -> NEW_WORD ➡️ USE Regex /replace ACTION LABEL_regex Regex_syntax -> NEW_WORD
Use the syntax as shown below when you want to replace words or full paragraphs. ➡️ Change black to white /replace add re1 black -> white
➡️ Remove keyword black from the message /replace add re1 black -> EMPTY
Use the syntax as shown below when you want to achive result that is not possible with the simple syntax. This syntax uses regex to replace words and keywords and you can do everything you want with the message if you know regex.
We do not support usage of regex, you are on your own if you decide to use regex. Only use it if you know what you are doing.
➡️ Change good or perfect to bad /replace add re1_regex (good|perfect) -> bad
➡️ Match every url or @mention and change it to @Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot `/replace add re1_regex (@|www|https?)\S+ -> @Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot

✅ Apply/Disable Replace For a Task

Please disable Replace All Task before apply for a task
Use command /setting after select Task want apply

✅ Apply/Disable Replace For All Task

When Apply All Replace for Task will won't activate for each single task
Use command /replace after select Show All Replace

✅ Remove All Replace

Use command /replace after select Remove All Replace