This command is used for cloning (mirror) chats/channels or users messages from SOURCE to DESTINATION
Important Information
  • If you have a redirection setup with the same ID's (SOURCE, DESTINATION) when using this command. It will use every feature you have currently configured on that setup.
  • When using this command with an current setup, that setup will not be able to send any new message until /clone finishes.
  • When using this command, the bot might delay message redirection for your setups.
  • Because this commands sends a high amount of messages in a short time it will cause temporary limits from telegram servers. Basically when this happens you will not be able to send any message from this account for 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the limit.
  • You will get a notification from the bot when such a limit is encountered (You will also notice yourself since you will not be able to send any message when that happens). There's no way around this other than not using this command.
At Auto Forward Messages type /clone or click Menu and select /clone to get describe
Choose Clone
Clone Describe
Here are a few example syntax on how to do this
Syntax Example (Simple)
Type /getchanel or /getgroup or /getuser on Auto Forward Telegram before using this command to get SOURCE_CHAT_ID and TARGET_CHAT_ID .
➡️ Command Arguments /clone SOURCE_CHAT_ID -> TARGET_CHAT_ID limit:10 delay:10
➡️ Clone from 2759205517 to 28887387 on 2759205517 /clone 2759205517 -> 28887387
➡️ Clone from 2759205517 to 28887387 with LIMIT=10 and DELAY =10 /clone 2759205517 -> 28887387 limit:10 delay:10