You can set a list of words or regex patterns that tell the bot to process message you receive from source channel only if it has at least one of the whitelisted word or regex pattern match. Make sure to use the right syntax by reading the examples below.
Important Information
  • Using Simple Syntax will match words partially. This means that when you whitelist the word "es", it will allow every message containing best, rest, test because each of them have the word "es" within.
  • If you want to match words fully, please use the regex example
  • Make sure to use the Python Flavor with regex101.com otherwise your regex will not work on
  • When this command is used incorrectly, it will cause redirections to stop working. Always make sure you use the right syntax when using whitelist and do use regex only if necessary. Make sure you build your regex with regex101.com before inserting them into Auto Forward Bot.

⛳️ Create new whitelist

Example basic
Example Use Regex

Basic Command

/whitelist [ACTION] [LABEL] [WORD_LIST

Advanced Command

/whitelist [ACTION] [LABEL]_regex [WORD_LIST]
Check arguments atCommands Arguments
➡️ Only messages containing hello characters will be forwarded: /whitelist add white1 hello
➡️ Only messages containing cat or dog or chicken characters will be forwarded: /whitelist add white1 cat,dog,chicken
➡️ Remove word list with label white1 /whitelist remove white1
➡️ Show all list Whitelist /whitelist showall
Use the syntax as shown below when you want to achive result that is not possible with the simple syntax. This syntax uses regex to search for words and its more powerful than Simple Syntax.
We do not support usage of regex, you are on your own if you decide to use regex. Only use it if you know what you are doing.
➡️ Process messages only if it has the any @mention word on it. /whitelist add white1_regex @\S+
➡️ Process messages only if it has any "telegram links" /whitelist add white2_regex (telegram.me|t.me)/\w+
➡️ Process messages only if it has the word black or white /whitelist add white3_regex (black|white)
➡️ Process messages only if it has the word es fully (refer to Important Information) /whitelist add white3_regex \bes\b

✅ Apply/Deactivate Whitelist for a Task

Please disable Whitelist All Task before apply for a task
Use Command /setting after select Task want apply next select whitelist

✅ Apply/Disable Whitelist for All Task

When Apply All Whitelist for Task will won't activate for each single task
Use Command /whitelist after select Show All Whitelist
Apply whitelist for all task

⭕️ Remove All Whitelist

Use Command /whitelist after select Remove All Whitelist
Remove all Whitelist
Create new whitelist